Turning Fear Into Fortune

Turning Fear Into Fortune

I have been seeing Judith for the last 2 years and I use the tools she gave me for most things in my life.  I opened GW Motors in the end of 2019 as a small garage I ran by myself.  My business is going well, gaining more and more momentum over the last 12 months. Ironically, Covid has been our busiest time.

Of the tools Judith has taught over the past 2 years, the following 2 have been most transformative for me:

– How can I create positive momentum? 

I was focused a lot on lack and needed to shift my outlook. I set up a GW Motors Instagram page and started sharing car tips and tutorials. It had a really positive response.

– How can I manage my fears so I don’t keep stopping the momentum?

I would meditate/visualise in my office every morning before starting work. I also worked with my inner child. I wasn’t very confident in myself and what I could achieve, so I had to find a way to slowly step forward and change that. 

I started offering a drop and collect service for all of my customers. It was convenient for them and for me. This helped a lot.

I started asking my customers to give me google reviews. They did and were really positive. I also started building good relationships with people in the industry around me, getting referrals and jobs from them. I would support their business too.

If I felt fear, I’d pause and step through it. Sometimes, if things were crazy during the day I would lock myself in the office for 10 minutes to slow down. I know now that everything ripples from the inside out.


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