Your Journals

Your Journals

How old are you? I am 51 years old so when I close my eyes, I can visualise 50 volumes of my life on the shelf already! I have the 51st volume in my hand right now and this is the book I am currently writing. I am the author of each volume of my life, no-one else and I can write whatever I like in this 51st volume. I have made my F’ck It Decisions to fill this book with an abundance of health, wealth, joy and happiness. The main character in my book is me and because I am not only the main character in my book but also the author, I have the privilege of writing what I like! I can choose what the main character does, what theme the book takes on and the other characters and what roles they play. I can make this a love story, a book about success and career or if I really want, I could also choose to make this volume a heart breaker. I can do as I wish, it is my book.

How old are you again? Now have a look at the sketch above and imagine how many volumes you have on this shelf? Your age will determine how many volumes you have written to date. It is amazing isn’t it that you have so many books and you are the author of all of them.

To mindfully see what you have already created is to insure you do something different in your new volume. After all, you don’t want to write the same volume over and over again year after year, do you? I will help you to reach inside yourself and see what you have been creating and more importantly, to see what you want to create going forward.

With love,