Your Chakra System

Your Chakra System

“The chakras are major junction points between consciousness and the body, and each one is associated with a specific vibration. Envisioned by the ancient seers as wheels or vortices of life force, they sometimes have been associated with major neural networks or hormonal systems.”

Deepak Chopra, MD

When you begin to see that everything is energy first, your own personal vibration, then start to realise how important it is too look after your energy. According to String Theory, absolutely everything in the universe – all of the particles that make up matter and force – are comprised of tiny vibrating fundamental strings of energy.

Dating back to approx. 500 BC Buddhism and Hinduism have referred to this energy within the human framework as the Chakra System. The word Chakra means ‘wheel’. Chakras are wheels of spinning energy. Chakras take in, integrate, and give out an energy vibrations that keep you functioning on all levels: mentally, emotionally and physically. Throughout the course of The Book of Your Life, you will be tapping into your subconscious mind, using and visualising your own Chakra system to help you create the life of your dreams.

Your Chakra System is made up of seven main Chakra points in your body. This system in your Transformational Toolbox, is the key to helping you becoming aware of your personal purpose – who you really are and what you are meant to do.

I see each of the seven chakras like powerful doors with precious gifts waiting for you behind each. Some of your chakras maybe more open than others; you might have explored some of your priceless gifts already or you may find some of these chakras are slammed shut. It doesn’t matter what stage you are at; as you get better at doing this you will realise that these gifts are limitless. Once you start to open all of these chakras, allowing your true gifts to be revealed, your higher purpose begins to unfold without you having to try so hard. Don’t worry about this for now, it will become clearer to you as you start to work with your own Chakra System as part of this journal.

Opening your Chakras, tapping into the wealth of possibility within you, means living your life from your higher self, the best of who you are. However, in varying degrees, most of us live from our fearful self, keeping that bigger person within us hidden.

Here is a brief explanation of the seven main chakras;

  • The ROOT CHAKRA is located at the base of your spine. It is associated with how we survive in this world. A blocked chakra or door reflects in the feeling of fearfulness, perhaps our basic human needs are not being met, for example, lack of money, food, shelter and sex. The feeling of insecurity abounds. Opening this door reveals the grounding gift of security. Rooting you firmly in this world. If your roots are strong, they can carry your growth bringing abundance into your life. It is associated with the colour red.
  • The SACRAL CHAKRA is found below the navel. This Chakra is about creativity in all its many guises. When this door is closed over or shut your creativity will be blocked, stuck or sluggish and issues around fertility, sensuality and sexuality are more prevalent. When you open this fantastic door, you allow your creative juices to flow, you begin to realise that you are here to create, create, create and you are rooted firmly in this knowledge. The Sacral Chakra is associated with the colour orange.
  • The SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA is found above the navel and when you have problems with this chakra you can experience feelings of powerlessness, lack of confidence, self-worth or low self-esteem. However, when you open this beautiful yellow door you cross the threshold of inner confidence, you feel strong and powerful in a grounded stable way leaving you open to create what you desire in this life. You are protected by your own inner strength.
  • The HEART CHAKRA is found over your heart area. When you fling open this door, with the security and knowledge that you are safe and powerful, you open yourself to Love in all its many forms. The feeling of an open chakra is overwhelmingly beautiful and the ease and peace this brings is immense. Alternatively, when your heart chakra is closed over or only partially opened you are trying to protect yourself leaving you on edge, over sensitive and defensive. A blocked heart charka can reveal itself as anger and resentment. The colour associated with the heart chakra is green or pink.
  • The THROAT CHAKRA is located at the throat area. When your throat chakra is blocked you find it hard to express yourself and communicate your own inner truths. Thankfully, when you decide to open this magical blue door you feel secure in expressing who you really are with strength. Your message is powerful and always spoken with Love.
  • The THIRD EYE CHAKRA is in between your eyes on your forehead. When this chakra is closed, blocked or stuck you find it hard to use your imagination and listen to your intuition. Opening this mystical door reveals a wealth of wisdom and the ability to listen and trust your own intuition leading to powerful positive decisions. It is associated with the colour indigo.
  • The CROWN CHAKRA is found at the top of your head and is associated with the colour white and violet. When this door is closed over you are pinching yourself off from the Universe. Imagine the Universe is like the main frame computer, and although you can never be fully unplugged from this universal computer because you simply wouldn’t exist, failing to connect properly means operating in a very limited way, it’s like having a bad internet connection!

You are where the Divine and Human meet. Making sure you ground yourself into earth through your root chakra, hooking up to the universe through your crown chakra, while keeping all your other chakras open is stepping into the fullness of who you are. It really is possible all at the same time.

I have recorded a visualisation on my website called ‘Open Powerful Doors Within’. Listen to it; it will familiarize you with your chakras and your hidden gifts. We all have the same personal purpose, this purpose is to know who we really are, understand it, embrace it and use it. The chakra system gives you access to this.