Working with Your Inner Child

Working with Your Inner Child

When you keep going further and further away from your own connection, you become lonely and unhappy. Unfulfilled and depressed, you may find yourself lacking on all levels, including financially. Your fearful inner child is now in the driving seat of your life.

Remember, your subconscious loves imagination and visualisation, so just for a minute visualise your own fearful inner child behind the wheel of the bus of your life. This child is careering down the motorway, hitting all the cats’ eyes, bump after bump after bump. She is out of control. Again, and again, she swerves in the nick of time to avoid disaster after disaster. Then she heads for the hard shoulder and starts ploughing through the grass.

Now imagine sitting next to her in the driver’s seat. Gently put your arm around her and comfort her. She is completely overwhelmed at being in the driving seat of your life and she is doing her best. As you hold her with one arm, lightly take the wheel with the other hand. Lovingly explain to her that you are in control now. At first, she will be afraid to give you the wheel, but eventually she will be delighted to be free to play. The child driving is our deep-rooted fear. You are now going to gradually align this fear with who you really are – Source Energy. You are not the sum total of your fear. When you acknowledge and start to connect with your frightened inner child, you will get great results. You are beginning to comfort her and direct her. Decide right now to acknowledge your inner child’s fears. This will enable you to bring her with you on your new journeys. Otherwise she will be hanging from you, screaming with frustration and blocking your every step.

Work with me right now. Put your hand on your heart and tell her you will never abandon her again. By putting your hand on our heart, you are positively conditioning yourself to connect to the child immediately. Promise her that you are taking her home to that inner light. This is her exclusive intimate connection with Source Energy. You have begun to listen to your internal navigation system again and all is well. From now on I would like you to continuously comfort your fearful inner child. Please tell her she comes first from now on Soothe her. She is a great little one.