Visualisation brings your desires into this physical reality

Visualisation brings your desires into this physical reality

A couple of years ago my daughter gave me a pendant, it was a ceramic heart and there were spirals etched in it. These spirals emanated from the middle outward. It reminded me of a pebble when thrown into a lake, the ripples spread from the inside out. It deeply resonated with me and my intuition whispered ‘everything ripples from the inside out’. Everything starts deep with-in be it positive or negative it gains momentum and ripples from the inside out. This tiny pendant and my deep intuition formed a picture in my mind’s eye. I wore the pendant a lot and I began over 28-90 days to deliberately form a powerful positive loop deep within my subconscious mind.

During my visualisations I would allow Source Energy to fill me and then visualise it rippling out into every organ, gland and cell in my body, conjuring up a feeling of health, strength and limitlessness. I would imagine it ripple out into my energy field, rippling to my children, family and friends. Then, in my mind’s eye I would see this powerful Source Energy ripple out to all my clients, to people I haven’t met yet and ripple into the world and then the universe. I would go on to breathe this powerful, limitless, unconditional energy back into me.

I did not know what this visualisation was leading me to create. But I knew it was extremely positive so I released the outcome. I chose to just conjure up the image and create as much momentum as possible around it. I was letting the reason unfold. I knew it was positive and had to make manifest in my outer reality so I trusted the process.

Time progressed and I knew something was unfolding within me but I didn’t know what. As this visualisation gained momentum things started to make manifest in my physical life. In a completely unexpected way. I was then commissioned to write The Source. By now my mantra was ‘everything ripples from the inside out not the outside in’. Ironically this mantra is in every chapter of my book. That image was so powerful that it actually made its way out on to the cover of The Source. Every day I have visualised this energy rippling out to all the people who would read my book.

So, I thought it was very interesting that a couple of days ago that image started to change. The image has gone from the energy manifesting inside me and rippling and spiralling out from me, to me standing on a mountain top. In my new visualisation Source Energy is powerfully coming through my crown chakra at the top of my head. This energy fills me and bursts out from me much like a hugely positive atomic bomb!

I have no idea where this book is going to lead me or what will unfold over the next few weeks or months. I am releasing the outcome. The momentum is powerfully positive so I trust what manifests from that has to be good. When I am fearful of moving toward the launch, I acknowledged my fearful inner child and visualised taking her by the hand. Gently I steer her away from fear, I go back to my visualisation in my mind’s eye and bring her up the mountain aligning myself with that Powerful, Limitless, Unconditional and Abundant Source Energy. That same magnificent Source Energy that is in YOU.

Judith xxx