Using visualisation to connect with your Inner Child

Using visualisation to connect with your Inner Child

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.”

Earl Nightingale

In my working practice I use a lot of visualisation to help people enter into a special relationship with their Inner Child. Why do I do this? There is method in all my madness! Your Inner Child represents your subconscious mind. A good relationship with your Inner Child translates to a powerful connection and access to your own subconscious mind and how to direct it. This goes a very long way in deliberately creating your own reality and all that you desire in life.

Have a look:

  • Your Inner Child is a complete representation of your subconscious mind and all its aspects, both positive and negative.
  • Using the tool of the Inner Child gives you easy access to your subconscious mind.
  • Your subconscious loves imagination, visualisation, play, fun, creates endless loops, loves repetition and it reacts to feeling.
  • Your subconscious cannot tell the difference between visualisation and reality. If you feel the visualisation is real then it is real to the subconscious.
  • It holds all memories, both positive and negative, and it can be triggered.
  • Take for example, if something negative is triggered within you, your subconscious will remind you, causing a negative emotional response within you. There can be a range of responses from panic, anxiety, flashbacks or sadness, I will use the blanket word FEAR. You can also have a physical response such as shaking or crying amid a myriad of other responses.
  • This reminder becomes the resistance to moving forward. For example, you may be gripped by fear, or the thoughts of an anxiety attack holds you back from doing certain things.
  • Procrastination is fear and it can take over.
  • Just a few seconds of positive or negative internal chatter starts to program your subconscious, and it takes between 66–90 days to re-programme it.

When you first try to visualise you may be disheartened and might not be able to do it at all. Don’t give up, it’s like a muscle, you will develop it and it will get stronger and stronger. I remember when I started to try to visualise my own Inner Child. All I could see was a young child sitting in front of me at a window, boxed in, on her own in isolation. She had her back to me, she had long hair and was drawing with coloured pencils. She was about six years old and the feeling I was getting was, she was very alone and distant. I recall thinking ‘what do I do here’ and then answering myself back by saying ‘what would you do with a new client who was a child’. Immediately I knew what to do. If I had a new child as a client I would spend more time letting the child feel into my energy. I would probably spend time talking to the child’s mum, but all the while conscious of my tone, my mannerisms and body language. Children pick up on everything, they listen with their entire body, not just with their ears.

So, going back to my visualisation, I decided I would just stand behind my isolated, lonely Inner Child and wait. I would just let the child know quietly that I was there and build up a relationship slowly and with patience. Have a listen to my Inner Child meditation and pretty soon you will begin to develop a special relationship with your inner little one, otherwise known as your Subconscious mind.