The wonderful healing rays of Reiki

The wonderful healing rays of Reiki

I will share with you my experience of receiving Reiki in my hour of need.

Many years ago, I did my Reiki training with a lovely lady. She was a nun and holds a special place in my heart. She has since passed but left me, and I am very sure many others, with the gift of and deep love for Reiki. I remember when I became a Reiki Master, I wanted to attune everyone as I was so enamoured with this powerful energy.

Anyway, I attuned someone close to me who was sceptical of all this energy work and I rather suspect only allowed me to attune him to please me. Shortly after that a group of us went skiing in the Canadian Rockies. My twin sons were very small and my daughter wasn’t even born yet. The boys were in the ski school for children while my companions and I went off for the afternoon skiing. It was our last day and I have to confess I was very glad, as I never really took to skiing. Rather I was going against my inner knowing which you should never do, but I had to learn that the hard way. This wasn’t my first-time skiing but to be honest I hated it. The weather had taken a turn for the worst and we found ourselves at the top of a ski run in a Whiteout. A Whiteout is a weather condition where visibility is greatly reduced. The horizon had disappeared and we could see no reference points or landmarks at all, it was horrible.

I began to ski down in great trepidation. My companions were keen to go at a fast pace and again I went against my better judgement. Typical of what momentum does I began to gain speed, but I couldn’t see what was in front of me. At considerable speed I hurtled over what must have been a large rock covered in snow and went flying up into the air and was coming down head first or so it felt as I landed. It seemed like everything slowed down and I can remember vividly my thoughts, ‘I have really done it now’ I uttered internally. I was terrified and lay completely still as I knew instinctively; I was after doing some serious damage.

There are no coincidences in life and the two people who came to my aid on the side of that mountain was the person whom I had attuned to Reiki and a lovely woman who was a doctor and a total stranger. I wanted to be sick but she asked me not to move as I had come down full blast on my head and she was afraid of any spinal injuries. I was in shock and she was talking me through it while my friend was holding my head with his hands. This lovely man whom I had attuned to Reiki and had been so sceptical of energy work was now using Reiki on me while holding my head still. A rescue sled appeared after what seemed like an age lying on the cold snow and I was strapped onto a spinal board and put into a rescue toboggan. All I could think of was my twin little boys in the ski school totally oblivious to their mother being towed off to hospital with a suspected spinal injury.

I am incredibly grateful to both of those earth angels on the mountain with me that day. It took me 6 years to fully recover from that accident but I could live my life with my twin sons, I could walk and move around and go on to give birth to my daughter years later. This was in part because they helped me and because of the wonderful healing rays of Reiki.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.