The Source goes audio & world wide

The Source goes audio & world wide

Do you remember me telling you the story about the heart shaped pendant my daughter gave me, the one with the spirals etched in it? These spirals emanated from the middle outward and always reminds me of a pebble when thrown into a lake, the ripples spread from the inside out. It deeply resonates with me and I now know without a shadow of a doubt ‘everything ripples from the inside out’. Everything starts deep with-in be it positive or negative and it gains momentum rippling from the inside out. When Clodagh gave it to me, I began to form a powerful positive loop in my subconscious mind about the ripple effect and visualised my energy positively rippling outward for many months afterward. As the visualisation gained momentum things started to change in my life. Within a couple of months, out of so called the blue I was commissioned to write The Source: Connect with Your Inner Power and Create Your own Reality. ‘Everything ripples from the inside out’ became my mantra and I included this mantra in each chapter of The Source. When the book was published, I would visualise in my mind’s eye this powerful Source Energy rippling out to all my clients, to people I haven’t met yet, rippling on out into the world and then the universe. I would breathe this powerful, limitless, unconditional energy back into me. I kept the book beside my bed and just released the outcome continuing to visualise this energy rippling out to all those people reading it and seeing it ripple further out into the world.

As time went on, I really trusted the power of that visualisation and the momentum that was gaining around the book. Then again out of the so called ‘blue’ Gill Books in conjunction with Bolinda contacted me about The Source becoming an audio book. If you were like me and haven’t a clue who Bolinda were, then let me pass on my new found knowledge. Bolinda are the largest online audio bookstore in the Southern hemisphere and the biggest online large print bookstore in the world!! Can you believe it, from the 1st of January 2020 The Source: Connect with Your Inner Power and Create Your Own Reality will be available WORLDWIDE! You will be able to access The Source digitally on Audible, iTunes and Google Play. I even got to record it myself. This was hugely important for me that it would be my voice reading to all those people would now listen to it.

The Source is now rippling out into the world, into 2020 and into the next decade. I guess I will just keep on visualising because it has led me on a fantastic journey so far.

With much love and lots of ripples,

J x