Standing on the balcony of your life

Standing on the balcony of your life

I have a habit these days of trying to trace the process of how I have created something. I am constantly using myself as a case study in a positive way. Standing on the balcony of my own life enables me to look back at something I have manifested and figure out how I actually did it. This allows me to see how each aspect, positive or negative, leading up to the manifestation was necessary and how everything was and is in perfect synchronicity.

Retracing my steps and unpacking how I have created things was one of the ways I formulated the 7 principles outlined in my book. I have realised these 7 principles express themselves in every facet of our lives. Every second we are constantly creating regardless of us being aware of this or not.

Creating is a bit like breathing it is a pre-requisite of being human. It is absolutely fantastic. The more I catch myself doing it, the more I realise and see how Source Energy flows within and through each and every one of us. Carson McCullers says ‘the mind is like a richly woven tapestry in which the colours are distilled from the experiences of the senses, and the design drawn from the convolutions of the intellect’. I agree with her, but I believe the mind is nothing without our connection with Source. Once fully connected with this powerful energy we have the ability to create limitlessly. We have access to this powerful energy all the time especially when we meditate.

While I was writing The Source I meditated a lot opening myself to receiving the words one line, paragraph, page and chapter at a time. Allowing the steps to unfold and letting my feeling and intuition be my sat nav. Intuition is actually the voice of this magnificent energy and as I continued to step it gave me glimmers of a greater awareness. I won’t lie I could have blocked some of these steps with fear. So metaphorically speaking I had to get my yard brush out and do a bit of inner clearing. In actual fact this beautiful book emerged from Source, I simply opened my mind to it and it ‘popped’ in. Reflecting on what Carson McCullers says the book was then ‘drawn from the convolutions of my intellect’. The book was a tapestry being created with each tread woven by the patient and steady hand of Source. The first treads were woven by Source in the womb of my mind and each tread would go on to be held by hundreds of threads.

Before I began to write in earnest I had what I call a ‘Harvest Day’. I asked a group of people from all walks of life to gather while I explained the Seven Principles. The purpose of this was to get feedback for the book. It was a very enriching experience and I remember at the end of the day we did a meditation sending positive energy out to all who would read The Source. They like me opened themselves up to be a conduit for this powerfully Energy, they added to the first threads I had already woven. I am incredibly proud of that group of people. I thought I would share this with you as it is only a little glimpse of the love what was woven into the foundations of this book. You too are now a beautiful thread in the tapestry of The Source and the journey it is on.

Much love,

Judith x