Opening Your Heart & Sacral Chakra to Love and Sensuality

Opening Your Heart & Sacral Chakra to Love and Sensuality

I decided to do a very special event on Valentine’s day weekend called Thank you for Loving me. This was purely because if we can’t love our precious, beautiful selves first we have nothing of substance to offer anyone else. This is no matter who it is, be it a child, lover, friend or parent. During the event, I am focusing in on two chakras, the Heart and the Sacral. The Sacral Chakra gets very bad press as it is all to do with our creativity, sexuality, and sensuality. These are subjects that generally people don’t want to talk about. We don’t allow ourselves to love the sensuous within our own being never mind being brave enough to embrace the sensuous in another. Sensuality feels, moves, hears, touches, smells, tastes, sees and perceives in all sorts of different ways and this happens within you first. That tantric space between you and Source comes First.

Did you know there is a deep mystical well of love and sensuousness buried within your being? It is a sacred eternal spring that you will not find outside yourself, no matter where you look. But, when you unearth the passionate purpose of our soul the ice walls of fear, hurt and shame begin to melt. The flow of this loving sensuous elixir ripples out from you to all those around you. It touches gently long-forgotten places where others have been hurt and frozen, you wash them in your tenderness until they begin to thaw too.

Your love affair has to begin with yourself first. Because when you stand in the fullness of who you really are this begins to ripple automatically outward from you. The fantastic thing is you don’t even need to try. You become a beacon for love and sensuous creativity in all its many guises. This energy ripples out from you to your children born and unborn, family and friends, your colleagues and all those you haven’t met yet including a lover, if that’s what you

want in your life. Opening your heart and sacral chakras isn’t just for those who want to bring a lover into their life, it’s for everyone including;

– those who are open to love
– those in love
– those wanting to come closer to someone
– those who are separating helping them to heal, move forward and minimize negative momentum
– those thinking of having a baby or are experiencing fertility issues or any problem with regard to the reproductive organs, female or male. The opening of your sacral chakra pre-paves the way for you energetically.

You don’t have to attend the event to start opening your heart and sacral chakra, you have already started by bringing your awareness to it. Make your F’ck It Decision now, that day by day in all sorts of ways you are opening these very beautiful, rich doors within you. Have a look on my website for the visualization page, try the visualization Open Powerful Doors Within or The Inner Child, or any of the visualizations that you are drawn to. Just listen to your intuition and you can’t go wrong, you are worth it…