My Journals

My Journals

My journals have become my own private invaluable library, a ‘Penseive’ (for any Harry Potter fans!) to review my memories. I can see how my new life was created out of that ‘rock bottom place’, beginning as words on the page – ideas, reflections, clearings, and meditations – then ultimately becoming solid reality. I saw my twin boys turn into men, go to college, get their degrees and forge their own way in this world. I watched as my beautiful baby girl blossomed and grew, and is now at that wonderful turning point in her life going from teenager to adult.

As I shaped my life through journaling, I went from not having two cents to rub together to an abundance that is only growing. I saw my life take twists and turns magically opening to a place of inner contentment. My journals helped me to deliberately create my own reality, they hold all my secrets, year after year, volume after volume I can see through these pages how my thoughts turned into things and continue to do so.

As I allowed myself to think different thoughts through my journal’s, doors opened magically and I found myself doing a four-year Honours Degree in Theology. Further opportunities arose from that and I completed a Masters in Theology in Trinity College, Dublin. I felt deep gratitude as I built a wonderful working practice from this conscious place and it then expanded to such a size that I now give booked-out workshops and seminars regularly, teaching people how to consciously create their own reality with this important focus on journaling.

It was through my journaling that the Seven Principles of manifestation came into being. These principles found their own way out into the world in the form of my first book The Source: Connect with your Inner Power and Create Your Own Reality. Then I watched in amazement as The Source became an audio book and reached a world-wide audience.

I love positive momentum, that feeling in life when you know the ‘wind is in your sails’, where things are lining up for you in inexplicable ways. I have not only seen my own life, where the light in me has gone from a little flicker to a radiant beam, attracting greater and greater blessings, but I also guide my children and all my clients through the same process in many different ways for different areas of their lives.

With love