You did not come to this page randomly; everything means something and everything is leading you somewhere. All you need to do is decipher these meaningful coincidences or intuitions and follow them. ‘Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see,’ so just follow the trail of intuitions that light up your way and you can’t go wrong. By virtue of the fact that you are reading this, you are preparing to play The Game of Life for 2020 in awareness of what you are doing. Much like every game getting to know the rules before you begin gives you a head start! Unlike every other game, The Game of Life follows the laws of the universe and not human rules. If you are unaware of these laws it makes playing the game of your life very difficult. However, when you become more aware of how to play the game, it gets very interesting, fun and abundant. Think of Monopoly if you are clued out you will end up with nothing, however, if you are clued in you can have as much as you like. The rewards from playing The Game of Life starts off with joy, happiness and health and ripples right out into your physical reality, your lovers, family, friends, careers and higher purposes. So, let’s have a look at what you need to do to play your game abundantly.

First things first you need to direct and impress upon your subconscious mind with feeling exactly what you want it to do, so say out loud with determination.

‘F’ck it I am ready to play the game of life for 2020 deliberately, it’s going to be a good game and I am going to get to know the laws of the game’.

The first law in learning how to play the game of life is both very easy and very challenging all in the same breath, it’s realizing Who You Really Are. Automatically, and ever increasingly, we focus on our physical body, our human image, our flesh and bone so to speak. Although this is extremely important, it is only one part, and the last part, of who you are and what makes you up. You are a three-part system and when you realize this and incorporate this into everything you do then you begin to play the game in awareness.

So here goes this IS who you REALLY are…

– YOU are an Energy body first you move and vibrate
– Secondly, you consist of a mental/emotional body
– Thirdly you are a physical body

You cannot have one without the other, you simply would not exist. It would be like having the body of a car with no electrics or diesel to fuel it, but expecting it to drive anyway.

To make it easy have a look at the Chakra diagram below. YOU are where the Divine and Human meet, you are rooted to the earth and completely connected to the universe.

You will see the three lower chakras which are the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. These are associated with basic human needs and emotions, such as security, sex and power. The energy in these chakras vibrates at a lower frequency. Imagine this is the human part of you, rooted to the ground in a physical body.

Then look at the higher chakras, the crown, third eye, and throat. The higher vibration of the upper Chakras links to your higher mental and spiritual abilities. This is the Divine part of you connecting you to all the secrets and power of the Universe.

The conduit, the chakra that links the Divine and Human in you is at your Heart. You really are where the Divine and Human meet and all this energy in you and for you has the capacity to ripple out from you directed by your heart.

Now for another F’ck It Decision directing and impressing on your subconscious mind with feeling.

‘F’ck It I am stepping into the fullness of who I really am, I am rooted in the earth, I am sexual, sensual and creative. I am powerful without ego and my heart is open and filled with love. I express my higher self without fear, follow my intuition at all times and allow universal energy to stream through me, for me and from me. This is who I really Am’.

Don’t worry if you are not feeling this fully yet or not feeling it at all, you are here, you are ready and you WILL gather momentum around all of this until you stand fully in it.

It’s a fantastic place to be and you are on your way, let the game begin and we will play it together as a team…

Love J x