Healing chakra meditation

Healing chakra meditation

‘Who are you in relation to Source Energy? Every thought, idea or desire starts out as a spark of energy first. All your ideas come from the field of pure potential. The field of pure potential resides in the One-mind of Source Energy. Way before you were conceived within your mother’s womb, you were conceived within the One-mind of this energy. I know this can be a bit ‘heady’ but it is really important for you to grasp who you really are and how wonderful you are.

You came into this world metaphorically speaking, as the energetic off-spring of Source Energy. You are imbued with the ability to create limitlessly. What’s more the Universe is your playing field.

All you have to do is acknowledge this is who you are. Your Crown Chakra, when opened will give you access to this higher consciousness and the best tool you have to do this is meditation and stilling the mind. As human beings we are all encoded with the capacity to express ourselves in different ways through our own natural talents. In acknowledging and embracing this energy in your life allows Source Energy to work in you and through you, it is utterly transforming’.

With love Jx