Crystals to ease your Mind, Body & Soul

Crystals to ease your Mind, Body & Soul

I have had a fascination with crystals for many years now, I absolutely love them. My house is adorned with a crystal collection that spans nearly 30 years. I have a selection of rings, pendants, bracelets, tumble stones, rough pieces, Druze, clusters, dragon’s egg’s and lamps, you name it I have it. If anything, my appreciation for these healing gemstones is only increasing.

But why the fixation? Why am I drawn like a moth to a flame to these semi-precious stones? Quite simply because they are incredibly healing and they have been a fantastic tool in my toolbox through thick and thin.

As a human being you are a mass of vibrating molecules or as science would say strings of energy, while Buddhists and Hindus refer to this as your chakra system or energy centres in your body. Sometimes your energy can be very low and at other times you’re flying high. You have the ability to keep your energy vibration steady no matter what is happening around you. But unfortunately, unless you are aware of how to move and work with your own energy your vibration can be easily influenced by what you are exposed to on a daily-bases. For example, memories can trigger you, other people’s energy both positive and negative can elevate you or flatten you if you let it, good and bad news will have the same effect while social media, TV and a plethora of other things can easily affect your energy if you allow them to. Think of it this way, a lot of people wisely have had to come away from the news lately because it was having such a negative effect on their energy.

Crystals vibrate and have their own different frequencies much like the cells in your body or your chakra system. Unlike human being’s crystals are not influenced by what is going on around them. They constantly omit frequencies effortlessly maintaining stability. Your vibration may change and fluctuate but your crystal’s vibration remains the same. You might be sad, broken-hearted, angry, in grief or fear but your crystal will not take on the vibration of sadness. It may absorb the negativity but it will not take on the energy vibration. When you are drawn to a crystal it is because intuitively you know the frequency of this crystal will enhance your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

For example, if your Root chakra is blocked, you could end up sending out the vibration of being insecure and fearful. If this lower vibration is strong enough your whole life will begin to reflect that vibration and you attract fear back into your life. Aragonite Star Cluster is a wonderful crystal and tool to ground you, helping you to root yourself firmly in Mother Earth giving you a sense of security and safety. It will also help you with emotional stress and is called the conservationist’s stone, as the vibration encourages caring for Mother Earth and helps in clearing blocked ley lines and geopathic stress.

If your Heart Chakra is closed you could very well be putting up a wall to protect yourself but unfortunately this lower energy vibration will keep others away. Rose Quartz is a favourite of mine, it is a stone of universal love and is excellent for the Heart Chakra. It aids in restoring trust and harmony in relationships and opens the heart to promote self-love, love for another, friendships, deep inner healing, and peace.

If your Third Eye Chakra is stuck you could end up with a dodgy internal sat nav ignoring your own intuition and following someone else’s path instead of your own. I find Amethyst brilliant for the Third Eye Chakra and also for the Crown Chakra. It has a protective and purifying influence on us and helps clear and calm the mind of negative thought patterns this includes stress and anxiety instead it creates emotional stability and inner strength. It is a fabulous crystal to help you meditate and promotes spiritual awareness, intuition, and psychic abilities.

Crystals are excellent tools in your energetic toolbox and have captured my heart and enhanced my life greatly. If you would like to start your own crystal collection and are drawn to any of these crystals contact us and we can send you out a piece of love in the post.

J x