The Source &
Seven Principles


The Source

Connect With Your Inner Power
and Create Your Own Reality

In The Source, theologian, spiritual teacher and kinesiologist Judith McAdam blends her broad knowledge of world religions to reveal her ground-breaking principles for creating your own reality and living out your life’s purpose.

You will learn to align with Source Energy a universal energy that lies deep within us and all around us – to define your dreams, build momentum around them and watch them become reality. The book includes case studies from Judith’s clients which illustrate how to successfully implement this plan to change your life. Such is the demand for Judith’s services, appointments are only available by booking months in advance. Now, for the first time, she shares her wisdom in The Source – a life-transforming book for all who read it.

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Source Energy
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Source Energy

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I absolutely love positive momentum and by the night of the launch it had powerfully gathered to such a degree that it was emanating and flowing not only through everyone there but all my clients living overseas who sent positive thoughts and powerful messages of support my way.

Source Energy most definitely emanated powerfully through each and every person who was in the Fumbally Stables on Thursday the 26th April 2018. The energy in the Fumbally was magnetic only because of the culminating feeling emanating from each and every person along this journey. Such a powerful, strong, heart-centred community of people around me I am truly blessed. One person said to me ‘this is a room filled with beautiful energy and beautiful people’ and she was absolutely right.


An alternative point of view

If there is one thing I would take from this book is the point of view and mindset that the author lays out for you. If you can adapt to this way of thinking and to really utilise the tools given to you through this book then you will notice a massive difference in your thinking and outlook for the positive. A great read with a great message, would really recommend to anyone trying to broaden their thinking or to anyone who has a thought about what direction in life they want to take but they’re unsure if it will work out. Fantastic book!


Highly recommend

I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to focus on themself and put life back in perspective. X

A beautiful book!


Judith has written a beautiful book that goes to the heart of the subconscious and the inner child. Her therapeutic work dealing with clients shines through and if you want to understand more about yourself then read this book.



I LOVED this book!! Judith is an exceptional teacher who gently and simply guides you through the process of creating your best life. Filled with processes, real life examples, meditations, metaphors and visualisation it is a beautiful book with diary/ workbook space to make your copy uniquely yours. I am already using it in so many areas of my life. As a Life Coach and holistic therapist I will also be recommending to clients, colleagues and anyone looking to heal and grow intuitively.