The Power of Positive Momentum

The Power of Positive Momentum

Continuing momentum can be hard especially when you’re thrown into the unknown over and over again. My businesses have been repeatedly closed, over the past 12 months. Whilst I had to close the doors of my clinics and salon, I decided I was going to drive my business forward and continue the love and passion I have for it, my team and our clients.

First let’s explain the importance of momentum….
“Momentum”, everyone knows is a force that makes things that are moving continue to move. You can use this word to describe physical forces. But it’s more commonly used for describing success. If you start to be successful at something, like running a successful business or growing a successful team, it is to continue that success despite what’s going on around us. In reality this is you creating momentum, not taking your foot off the pedal or simply not giving up on your dreams despite the hurdles. So I was honoured that Judith, who has been virtually coaching me throughout the pandemic and before asked me to share, how have I managed to continue my momentum throughout the pandemic.

Firstly my personal and business goals changed dramatically when covid hit, it was a matter of survive the business as apposed to thrive the business. I made it my mission to first see clearly where my business was at and what was my break even (costs) for the salon and clinic where, to keep it operating despite no clients being allowed through the doors. I didn’t sleep, eat or speak for at least two weeks. I was in panic mode. A mixture of emotions and negativelty certainly creeped in but this is exactly what it took me, to realise I had so much to loose if I didn’t continue the momentum and reinvent my business.

My first step was to write a clear plan and new goals to follow and see what I needed to do to keep me focused. It was the most important thing for my family and the best source of hope that my team would return to their jobs. I’m a small business but a big operation employing 24 people and these are 24 very unique and very special, hardworking ladies to me; my second family!

I set my new goals, having all the details I needed to know what my business needed to survive and sustain the financial pressure I was suddenly under. I focused on the outcome and reassured my team that everything would be ok, despite me not even knowing if it would be. I remember grouping them together and saying, nothing for us will change, our jobs are safe and the business will be fine. I included them in helping me continue that positive momentum, and gave them the reassurance they needed at that moment in time.

Once everyone is secure it alleviates a lot of worry. This also helped my own personal reassurance as they would text me with encouragement and that in hand continued the momentum back and forth between the team and poured over into supporting our clients online.

On a financial basis I tried to be as creative as possible and I pursued leads I hadn’t had time to whilst the business was open and I developed Myskincare @ home as a brand. Taking over 7 months for this to manufacture and deliver, I have to say it was a great exciting project to distract me and especially that no one knew except my team. So as prototypes came and samples of our different devices it was lovely to have them try it and get excited alongside me when we identified what items made the cut.

It only took one or two corporate sales, lead from social media to see the potential in driving new ideas. Christmas despite being closed for most of our festive season, was a success driven by a new aspect of the business; corporates gifting through local businesses. I didn’t realise how many of my clients lead massive teams and were happy to support me and my team and all offered to gift through us. This is the momentum that launched our @home devices.

This helped my confidence loads and I was able to catch up on some of my rent and bills that I had on hold. After that the reassurance I gave my clients that we would be back also reassured us, as their messages flowed in saying they would and wait as long as it took! They encouraged us even further and shopped local for all their hair and beauty needs online.

My online shop started to really take off and that made me focus on the positive things I actually had control over as opposed to what I couldn’t control. This momentum brought so many other opportunities and businesses started to reach out to us to say they would like us to stock their brands. We were given larger margins to work with and salons and clinics requested to stock our lasted MySkincare @ Home devices.

Judith had a massive part to play in continuing my momentum, we virtually connected every second Thursday and it made me accountable and ensured me to tick off my actions towards my goals, by our next meeting. I remember the very first action after our first virtual meeting was, find a good reliable courier. I was operating for 13 years but never really developed the online side of the business and always had used our postal service for most of our orders. Now to think I have created a whole new dimension of the business, that requires its own team, personal courier Paul and a rebuild of our website as it expanded massively.

It was a minefield taking those first steps. I’m not going to portray it was easy because I felt like I was holding my breath for months, maybe close to a full year but now I thank myself for stepping through it. For having the courage to continue the momentum and I know there are so many more doors to open from my consistent hard work and my team supporting me. I’m excited to get my businesses back open, especially my Clinic in Cows Lane, which was only just a dream in my head 12 months ago, but despite the obstacles I created opportunities and against all odds I know they will be a massive success.

Momentum is everything, if we worry, we will have more worries, if we begin create opportunities, more opportunities will come and that’s how the world evolves, relationships included. It doesn’t mean I don’t worry I just don’t tend to feed that worry if someone says to me, ‘OMG you must be so worried with your business closed’, I replace it with ahh it will make me appreciate it when I go back and it’s giving me the chance to develop elements of the business I never would have had time for. I’ve learned from being through this pandemic, a recession in my early years of business all whilst rearing a family, that you can reinvent yourself many times in this life. I always try to conquer the challenge and to me this is living and being grateful I was brought up to have so much stamina.

I plan to continue the momentum and see where it takes me. Intention goes where energy flows.