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What are Tingsha bells used for?

Tingsha, the wisdom cymbal bell has its origin in Tibet.  They are an essential part of the Buddhist traditions, prayers and meditation rituals.  Tingsha are actually two cymbals that are connected by a leather cord.  When struck together, they produce a unique, high-pitched tone that is not only just soothing but holds health benefits too.

The ringing of Tingsha bells relieves stress, depression and grief. The calming sound promotes the flow of positive energies into the brain, relaxing it and putting it to ease. The tapping of cymbals produces vibrations that relax the nerve cells and open blockages that lead to severe headaches.

Ringing the bells in meditation practice signifies the beginning and end of the practice. The bell is the calling forth of the mind into the here and now so you can experience the power of the present moment. The sound of the bell can be used as a focus object during your meditation practice.


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