The Sacred Sensuality Box

There are no coincidences in life, if you are reading this it’s time to dive into the divine sensuousness of who you are, allow your deepest desires to come to the fore, and explore the power of your Sacred Sensuality and sexuality. You are where the Divine and Human meet and your Sacred Sensuality is to be celebrated and expressed not hidden or shamed. We can actually close this area of ourselves off because of past experiences with lovers, abuse and trauma, or conditioning, the list is endless. This may block our creativity or delay us from bringing a Lover or a child into our lives.  Now it’s time to open your Sacral Chakra and these beautiful crystals will help you do that at your own pace.

There is an ancient Hindu practice called Tantric Sex it means ‘the weaving and expansion of energy’. It is a slow form of sexual expression that allows time to create intimacy with a partner. However, sometimes before we create this mind-body-spirit connection with a lover we need to establish this connection with ourselves first. Slowly opening up your Sacral Chakra and that sensual, sexual creative side sometimes takes a little time so go at your own speed. Gently healing any hurts, fears or anxieties within yourself is the first step and your crystals are wonderful tools to help you.

Ruby – Hexagonal shape

Ruby is a passionate stone stimulating the flow of life-force energy through your body. It connects all the love of your Heart Chakra with the sensuality and creativity of your Sacral Chakra and grounds everything into this reality through your Root Chakra.   It’s a powerful stone to help you manifest your desires. It balances the heart, instils confidence, encourages joy, spontaneity, laughter, courage, and beautiful sensuality.

Citrine – Orange or Yellow Cluster

Citrine is a fabulous stone of creativity so no wonder it stimulates the sacral chakra. This connection to your sacred sensuousness allows for the manifestation not only of love and sensuality but these beautiful crystals are also ideal for fertility.

Carnelian – Orange Tumble Stone

This fantastic fiery orange crystal opens you up to a world of infinite creativity and passion. It is associated with fertility and stimulates the Sacral Chakra and the Solar Plexus, bringing confidence, courage and positivity into all aspects of your life.

Red Jasper – Rusty Coloured Tumble Stone

Using Red Jasper when setting your intentions will help you awaken your libido or your sexual desire allowing you to relax into desire and enjoy the excitement of sacred sensuality. Use in conjunction with Carnelian to help to recharge the energy in your Sacral Chakra restoring vitality and freedom to your reproductive organs and glands.

When you receive this box, light a candle and the sprig of sage then blow the sage out and clear your new crystals by allowing the smoke to move through them. Then cleanse your own Auric Field or energy field around your body by moving the sage over your physical body.


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