The Magic Crystal Box

This little magic box is specially for you, it’s a place for all your worries and where all your wishes will come true.

If you’re feeling hyperactive and don’t know what to do, Green Calcite is the Crystal that’s definitely for you.

Carnelian is the orange crystal that brings happiness and delight.

While Snowy Quartz will calm you down, right before you sleep at night.

And when you are angry or getting cross Aragonite’s the one that helps you from feeling a little lost.

Amethyst is special, and so you will see.  It helps you to stay calm  you have got to believe me.

With the contents of this magic box you can hardly go wrong.

You pop your worries and fears in this magic chest and pretty soon you will be feeling the very best.

Listen to my Visualization on called The Magic Crystal Box.

*Not recommended for younger children due to choking

All crystals are beautifully unique, therefore, crystal sizes may vary,


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