Christmas Teens and Tweens Crystal Gift Box




This beautiful box for teenagers will offer your teen or tween tools to cope with anxiety, clearing the way for them to move forward.  Helping to keep your teen grounded.  The box consist of The Sacred Destiny Oracle Cards, Amethyst, Snow Quartz Aragonite Sputnik and a Selenite Wand.

What are Oracle Cards and how do you use them?

Oracle cards, also known as reading cards are a great tool to help you to connect with your subconscious.  There are no rules for using them which makes them easy and fun to use.  They can be used day or night and the more you use them the more you connect with them. A common way to use them is to pull a single card in the morning as your thought for the day.  Or at night before bed when you could use them to relax, as part of your wind down of self-care routine.  Perhaps light some Paolo Santo or Incense and have your beautiful crystals around you while you ask for inspiration.  All kinds of questions can be asked and each deck gives you clear instructions on how to use them.

Denise Linn Sacred Destiny Oracle Cards

“From the earliest history of mankind, there are records of native people using the signs in nature to determine their destiny.  Wise elders were able to move through mystic gateways into inner realms to bring back wisdom and guidance to their tribes.

In this powerful oracle card deck, best-selling author Denise Linn draws from her Native American heritage and experience as a gifted healer and teacher.  With each card you receive access to a different gateway, from our earthly realm to the one of Spirit.  From forests to floodplains, meadows to caves, shimmering sunshine to the secrets of the moon – these vibrant cards will fill your days with messages of Spirit, from the landscapes within and around us”.

Stunning artwork edged in white with beautifully vibrant colours.


Amethyst is said to bestow spirituality, contentment, stability, strength, inner peace. It’s calming and peaceful energy make is an excellent crystal for meditation.  It is said to enhance intuition and psychic abilities. Amethyst is believed to provide clarity and enhance conscious perception and understanding.

Snow quartz symbolizes innocence and clarity and for that reason it is brilliant for the Crown Chakra and Inner Child work.  It is said to help us look at things from a child-like perspective, without preconceived or cynical notions. This calm and soothing stone is useful for meditation, with all the properties of clear quartz, yet gentler. It is a cleansing stone, used for purification on the spiritual level and boosting the immune system on the physical level. Having this stone in your environment may assist in dispelling negative thoughts and emotions.

Aragonite is an earth healer and therefore a grounding stone. It enhances patience, acceptance and the ability to take on more responsibility. It is said to increase energy, boost self confidence and feelings of self-worth. A great crystal for people who are in relationships that challenge whether they are personal or work relationships as it relieves stress, emotional fatigue and anger bringing patience when it is most needed.

Selenite helps to connect you to the Universe through your Crown Chakra. It is self-cleansing and a wonderful crystal to clear your own Auric Field or energy field that is around your body. It will cleanse the energy in your room and your
crystals. It enhances clarity of the mind and concentration, expanding your own self-awareness and your awareness of your surroundings. It has a positive effect on the brain. It soothes the nerves and enhances willpower.
To clear your Auric Field with the wand brush it through the energy field over your body as if you were combing your hair. Start at the top of your head at the Crown Chakra and end at the feet.


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