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What are Oracle Cards and how do you use them?

Oracle cards, also known as reading cards are a great tool to help you to connect with your subconscious.  There are no rules for using them which makes them easy and fun to use.  They can be used day or night and the more you use them the more you connect with them. A common way to use them is to pull a single card in the morning as your thought for the day.  Or at night before bed when you could use them to relax, as part of your wind down of self-care routine.  Perhaps light some Paolo Santo or Incense and have your beautiful crystals around you while you ask for inspiration.  All kinds of questions can be asked and each deck gives you clear instructions on how to use them.

Denise Linn Native Spirit Oracle Cards.

“The native spirit oracle cards profoundly deepen your connection to the mysterious, natural forces around you.  Created by Denise Linn, a member of the Cherokee Nation and the best-selling author of the books Quest and kindling the Native Spirit, this 44 Card deck with companion guidebook holds the keys to unlocking a wonderous realm where you’ll discover what destiny has in store for you.

These oracle cards were birthed at the base of a sacred mountain, and they carry the mystical energy that surrounded their birthing.  Each card opens a gateway so that you can powerfully and immediately discern your own unique, secret messages from the Universe”.

Stunning pictures of nature in deep, rich , earthy and vibrant colours makes these a gorgeous addition to any collection.


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