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Studies have shown that the change to the water molecules made by gemstones happens in around seven minutes. The energy from the gemstones charges the water regardless of the barrier. Gemstones have the amazing property that they absorb energy from light, heat and pressure and convert it into electric energy – each emitting a unique frequency. The effect is what makes quartz watches work. Fill your bottle with still water, and wait for approximately ten minutes for it to activate.  Then enjoy!


BeWater, the makers of these beautiful bottles describe this as the “Power Courage” bottle and state;

“Bold in orange, Carnelian is associated primarily with courage.  It is also said to open your social bonds creating connection with others.  Rock crystal along with promoting hydration, also strengthens the properties of the Carnelian.  This mixture is all about the blood.  It is thought to stabilise circulation and blood pressure and to help with rheumatic complaints”.


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