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Blue Calcite is a brilliant stone for the throat chakra.  It helps to boost the flow of energy within your body, and assist in calming negative vibrations from the area around you. It’s known to offer mental protection and allows the user to think about emotional situations with a more level head. By doing this it opens up a stronger communication channel between thoughts and feelings.  This honest communication, helps you to understand more the importance of the way you communicate with others.  It is a wonderful stone to stimulate meaningful dreams and helps to remember them.

Healing; Helps with emotional healing. Improves memory. Releases blockages.

Chakras; Throat – Blue calcite can therefore help you to speak more clearly, and feel less shy, especially if you often get put on the spot or struggle to find the words to articulate your ideas and emotions.

All crystals are beautifully unique, different in size and shape.  Therefore, you will receive one as close to the pictured one as possible but we cannot guarantee that you will receive “the one in the picture”.


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