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Clusters in shades of orange through to brown in colour. Their unusual shape is said to be reminiscent of “sputnik” the first man made satellite ever to be launched into space.

Aragonite is an earth healer and therefore a grounding stone. It enhances patience, acceptance and the ability to take on more responsibility. It is said to increase energy, boost self confidence and feelings of self-worth. A great crystal for people who are in relationships that challenge whether they are personal or work relationships as it relieves stress, emotional fatigue and anger bringing patience when it is most needed.

Healing: Warms the extremities and aids with nerve and muscle spasms and twitches, it helps to heal the bones and discs.

Chakras: Solar plexus and root

Note: Aragonite should not be allowed near water as water will damage it.  It can be cleansed using sage or paolo santo or by placing on a selenite plate to cleanse and re-charge it.

All crystals are beautifully unique.  Therefore, Crystal sizes may vary,


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