My Story

To give you an idea of how I turned my own life around let me tell you snippets of my story. I was born and raised in Dublin and I am the proud mum of twin sons and one beautiful daughter. I am a theologian, author, inspirational speaker, vibrational kinesiologist, Reiki master and my passion is helping people create lasting change in their lives. Having lived a life that ticked all of society’s boxes and seemed filled with life’s trappings; I realized that I was deeply unhappy. Disconnected from my true self, often afraid to say “no”, I was living from a place of constant anxiety painfully ignoring my own intuition.

Finally pushed to the pin of my collar I stripped my life bare only to begin anew. Part of this rebuild was moving countries and cities, getting divorced, arriving back in Dublin with no money, no job, and nowhere to live. I was on my own internal pilgrimage. I had come too far away from my real self. I had been afraid to listen to and act on my own intuition. I was responsible for that and now I had to rebuild my life with one major difference: it was going to be in accordance with who I really was and not who I thought I should be or what society dictated to me.

The Seven Principles that I write about in my book and will introduce you to were borne out of my struggles and they became my ‘solid foundation’ on which I rebuilt my life. In those years I watched myself as I stepped out of my own way and stepped through some serious internal and external hardships and fears. I used these principles as I reared my fantastic children and they grew into strong powerful people. I saw my twin boys turn into men, get their degrees and go on in their lives. I now look on as my beautiful daughter stands tall, strong and confident as she finishes her own studies. I observed as I went from not having two cents to rub together to an abundance that is only growing.

Doors opened and I found myself doing a 4-year honors degree in Theology. More doors opened and I did a Masters in Trinity College. I looked on as I built a wonderful working practice around these Seven Principles and watched in awe as the Seven Principles that I was blessed to receive rippled out in the form of my first book The Source: Connect with Your Inner Power and Create Your Own Reality. It didn’t stop there these Seven Principles rippled out even further and are now available on audio worldwide.

I love positive momentum because I have not only seen my own life completely transform but I have watched my children and all my clients, some who have been with me for years, go through the same process in many different ways. Nowadays, the doors are flying open and they will fly open for you too…

My promise

The promise that I make to you is the promise that I made to myself all those years ago. It is possible to Consciously Create what you desire in life. That means, a relationship, family, children, career, jobs, money, holidays, whatever you want. There are people actually doing it ALL THE TIME. You are an INTEGRAL PART OF THE UNIVERSE and have access to infinite intelligence constantly. You have a PERSONAL PURPOSE and a HIGHER PURPOSE in this lifetime. You are continuously CHANNELLING ENERGY. EVERYTHING YOU WANT is available to you.

You just need to know HOW TO ACCESS IT.

Even if you are currently living in fear or anxiety trust that it is possible to create happiness, health and wealth. You can go as fast or as slowly as you like, it is up to you. Just don’t deny the change you crave, don’t fight it or procrastinate, instead accept it and get excited at the many wonders that lie within you that you haven’t tapped into yet – but you will.

The Seven Principles

Connect to
Source Energy
& Knowing
Return to
Source Energy

The Seven Principles

“ I have synthesised what I have learnt over the years compiling a roadmap of Seven Principles that are designed to help you tune into the abundance of life’s energy.”

I have been privileged to work with many wonderful women and men, helping them to unlock their limitless potential and to create what they truly desire in their lives. Each person’s path is unique, but their journey is always shaped by the same set of Seven Principles that I created through my own personal transformation. These Principles are:

1) Source Energy

2) Alignment

3) Feeling & Knowing

4) F*CK IT Decisions

5) Momentum

6) Receiving

7) Return to Source

As you progress along your exciting journey, this roadmap of principles will help you to tap into your intuition and feeling whilst impressing emphatically on your subconscious mind with powerful F*CK IT life-changing decisions. This will in turn create copious amounts of positive momentum, pretty soon you will then begin to see the fruits of your inner work starting to manifest in your everyday life.