Intuition as my Guide

Intuition as my Guide

My name is Robyn. I’m a Nurse Wellness Advisor and Founder of Insight Wellness.
Having worked as a nurse for the last 6 years, I have seen, particularly during the pandemic, just how much we struggle with fear and feeling powerless with our health and well-being.
I’ve experienced my own health struggles, which led me to start working with Judith 3 years ago. She opened my eyes to the fact that I can create my own reality, and that I have an unlimited amount of potential inside me. There started a journey of how to tap into it and I’ve been using it ever since.
Since I registered as a Nurse, I have also qualified as a Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Meditation Teacher. Proactive healthcare is where my passion lies, and I like to put most of my energy into sharing the power of Spiritual Self-Care. How reconnecting with ourselves and our inner voice can help us navigate through difficult situations that show up in life.
Why did I create Insight wellness?
I’ve always felt there’s a missing element to healthcare. I want to teach people how to improve their self-care and tap into the unlimited amount of potential they have inside.
Insight wellness is there to do that. I share tools and insights that people can use to step through fears, tune into their inner voice and consciously create their life. I run workshops, free self-care sessions, guided meditations and journaling sessions. It is becoming a gorgeous community of like-minded people who are ready to improve their health from the inside out.
Nurse Wellness Advisor
My journey so far has also led me to work with a brand new health insurance company and create a position as their Nurse Wellness Advisor. This position allows me to create their proactive health content and focus on total health, mind, body and spirit. I am really looking forward to watching the rest of it unfold.
Instagram: @weareinsightwellness