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How to Host a Crystal CH’I Party

Are you the wellness guru of your family or group of friends? Why not host a Crystal CH’I Party for a truly holistic nurturing, healing, informative and fun experience.

Enjoy a free gift* when you host an event

When you host a party, you will not only receive two free gifts out of a choice of five, but you will be eligible for free host shopping which will be 10% of your guest’s total purchases.

*TERMS: Our CH’I free gifts and free shopping only apply when you host a Crystal CH’I Party and there is no cash alternative. Specific gifts are also subject to availability and while stocks last. Free Shopping is available only as the host at the CH’I Event and is calculated on 10% of your guest’s final purchases at your party

The Choice is Yours
Just let your Consultant know which you would prefer when you book your Crystal  CH’I Gathering event.

Your Crystal CH’I Consultants


Rosie Boyle

Listening to my intuition I started to explore a new career path with Judith in my early 40’s after spending over 20 years working in the Voluntary Sector. During the last 12 years I have been busy working while raising two energetic young boys so the only space available in my day to follow my dreams was lunchtime. Realizing the importance of pausing from a very busy schedule to reconnect with me, I took up regular lunchtime yoga classes.

Momentum has a funny way of gathering and since then I have completed my 200 hr YTT, a 14-hour chair yoga TT, 16-hour Yoga Nidra and 20-hour Restorative TT and have become a Reiki Master doing my training with Judith.  Momentum gathered even further and now I am working with Judith as her Project Manager and am a Crystal CH’I Consultant for her, while running my own yoga classes where I incorporate chair yoga into my general classes making yoga accessible to all ages, shapes, and sizes. I love to nurture people so during Savasana I offer my students a short Reiki treatment just to spoil them!

You can contact Rosie on 0868447815

Insta @exploring_new_pathways

FB Rosie Boyle

Claire Day

Hi, my name is Claire Day. I have over 14 years experience as a registered general nurse in an acute adults hospital. I came to learn and explore energy work and holistic healthcare over 10 years ago. Working in a high pressure environment meant I needed to look for ways to unwind, de-stress and care for myself. Following the birth of my first child I lost my sense of self. My journey over the years has been in finding tools and techniques that support my return to ease and joy. I am delighted to be able to share them with you.

I completed my Reiki Masters level with Judith McAdam and have established my Reiki practice. I have completed my training in Aroma Point Therapy which is the application of safely diluted essential oils on acupuncture points and/or body zones. The use of the essential oils in this manner catalyzes profound shifts in the body, mind and spirit. In my practice I combine Reiki and Aroma Point Therapy for a multi-pronged approach to energy work. I also have a diploma in Aromatherapy.

I am an End of Life Doula having trained with Sacred Circle CIC Red Tent End of Life doula preparation. As such I support people in preparing for their (of a loved one’s) end of life on a practical and emotional level. Also facilitating discussion on a topic that is so often taboo and bringing light to what is a sacred time in our lives. 

In 2020 I completed a course in facilitating ceremonial cacao circles and use this beautiful heart opening plant medicine daily to support my meditation and journaling practice. I am delighted to be a CHI Consultant for Judith and able to guide you, your friends and family in some holistic wellness practices that I have found to be of huge benefit in my own well-being journey.
You can contact me

Phone: 0871334342
Instagram: @Clairedaywellnes

Lena Kenna

My name is Lena Kenna, I am 42 years of age and a mother of 3 children. I am a self-employed Beautician and Reiki Master.

I began my working career in a beauty spa 20 years ago, firsty as a a beautician/massage therapist before I became manager.  It was during my time in the spa that I was first introduced to Reiki.  I lost a child in my teens and having tried to fill the void through many alternative methods, I began my own Reiki journey.   I started to rediscover myself and eventually opened my own salon and began my training to become a Reiki Master.  This has allowed me to share my life experiences and help others, showing them how Reiki is a powerful tool in mental health, positivity and allows you to spirituality understand yourself.

It was after reading Judith’s book ‘The Source’ last year that I reached out to Judith and our spiritual journey began. Over the last year I have had numerous 1:1 sessions with Judith and gainied a greater understanding of crystals and their meaning.  This allowed me to further my journey and become a Chi Consultant.  I am looking forward to working with Judith and her team and the prospect of reaching out and helping more people.


Stacey McHugh

Hello, I’m Stacey a certified life coach.  Having discovered my purpose was not in my corporate job but in helping others see their true potential and providing them with useful tools to do this, I dived deep into learning about human behaviour, self-development, healing, and mindset. I’ve a huge interest in these areas and believe that with the right tools and support we can all have the life we truly desire.

I feel most fulfilled when helping people, creating a safe place for them to explore and gain clarity and supporting them to achieve their goals one step at a time. I have a hybrid approach to coaching using both practical and holistic coaching techniques. I offer 1-1 coaching in addition to running workshops on many different topics.

Working with Judith and the team as a Ch’i consultant is an exciting new chapter for me which will allow me to develop my love and knowledge of holistic tools and the chance to share this with you all so that you too can unlock your true potential.

You can connect with me on any of the following
Instagram: unlocked_lifecoach
Facebook: unlocked.lifecoach

Nuala McManus

As a Mental Health Coach and Reiki Master Nuala McManus guides you to become the best version of yourself. No stranger to the ups and downs of life Nuala has come through her own personal challenges and created something completely different in her own life, she now lives with purpose. She consciously creates happiness and contentment, peace and love in her life. Nuala has gained a great sense of empathy and understanding from her own journey and now uses Reiki and her own coaching tools to help you do the same.

Part of Nuala’s purpose is to help women who find it difficult to open up, those who often feel lonely or isolated and experience feelings of depression. Nuala’s message is ‘it doesn’t have to be like thisthere is much more for you to explore within yourself’.

Nuala uses the light touch of Reiki and the comforting support of coaching to bring you into deep relaxation allowing you to begin to release the source of spiritual, emotional and/or mental pain and anxiety.

Nuala has been trained and mentored by author, theologian and kinesiologist Judith McAdam and has a Diploma in Mental Health & Wellbeing from Kingstown College. Her studies have led her to combine the energetic healing aspects of Reiki with the mental and emotional guidance of coaching. Nuala provides her clients with a mixture of Spirit medicine layered with practical tools. Nuala is also a Crystal CH’I Consultant for Judith.

Instagram: Shining_Light_Reiki

Facebook: Shining Light Reiki


Rebekah Storey

I had my first Reiki session with Judith in September 2017 and I will never forget how I felt leaving the room that day. I headed off to Barcelona on my Erasmus year for college but little did I know some very powerful seeds had been planted. Judith opened my mind up to a whole world I hadn’t realised I was always working in, the energetic world.


In 2018 I made a f’ck it decision to leave college and retrain in holistic therapies including Yoga, Reiki and Massage. I travelled to Bali to study the philosophies of Hatha Yoga and how to incorporate these philosophies into day to day life in order to live a more conscious and aligned life. From here I trained in Subtle Body Anatomy Yoga which brings together philosophies from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga asana, meditation and breathwork to bring the physical, mental and emotional bodies into alignment.


Through this work and regular reiki sessions with Judith, I developed a deeper awareness of the subtle energies that work in alignment with the less subtle energy of the physical body and how these energies are deeply intertwined and can affect one another. I felt there was great healing to be found in working with both the physical and energetic bodies and so I began my Reiki training with Judith and then went on to qualify as a Holistic Therapist in 2021.


At a far more mature age than I imagined, I feel I have finally found my passion rather than a career and it is a privilege to offer these treatments to others. I look forward to learning more and expanding my knowledge of Holistic Therapies.


My treatments include:

  • Holistic massage
  • Reiki
  • Deep Tissue Cupping
  • Thai Foot massage
  • Deluxe facial
  • Hopi Ear Candling

Emma Lloyd

I studied as a Home Economics teacher in 2008 and since then I have always been training in different areas and learning new skills. In 2013 I faced a very difficult and challenging personal trauma which oddly enough I am extrememly grateful for, because that life experience has lead me on an incredible journey of self-discovery and development. That experience introduced me to the wonderful Judith, Judith has been a key component in my journey, with Judith’s constant help, support, coaching and nourishing I have achieved things I didn’t believe where possible and now I use these skills in my own practice with my clients.

In 2016 I went back to study mental health and wellbeing coaching. Here I found my path, I loved every minute of the course and the training. I was then asked to do private coaching in my school with students as a guidance role which lead me to go back and complete a post graduate in guidance counselling and since then I have been working as a guidance counsellor within the school setting.

I teach students self -care and self-development, giving them tools to help cope with their fears and anxieties. Coaching them on how to become the best versions of themselves and to understand that in life we all experience some level of anxiety but when it becomes overwhelming and too much its ok to say you’re not ok and you need help.

From this I developed E.M.S Guidance, Empower, Motivate and Support Guidance. This is my own private practice which offers one to one wellbeing coaching, guidance counselling and career guidance.

I also facilitate wellbeing workshops for teens these workshops are very popular, so-much -so that parents wanted one for themselves! Therein the adult’s Minding My Mind wellbeing workshops were born. My workshops for teens and for parents include include Mediations, breathing techniques, self-care wellbeing tools, reflective practice, goal setting, restorative yoga, relaxation and an incredible tasty nutritious cookery demonstration.

Contact Emma:
Instagram: emsguidance

Gabriela Tomkiel-Pedlowska

I have been studying personal development for over 10 years and for the past 5 years I have been working closely with (Ewa Pietrzak) one of the top consultants of Bob Proctor in the World, helping people fulfill their highest potential and achieve extraordinary results through mindset work.

I have been through a long and difficult journey of eating disorders/depression and lack of self-love. However, as a direct result of all my personal development endeavors, I feel healthy and strong. Myself and my husband are now happy parents to our beautiful baby daughter which is the greatest testimony to my transformation. My mission is to be the light in the tunnel for others helping them create the lives they deserve!

I have been mentored by Judith for the past 3 years and have also completed my Reiki training with her, becoming a Reiki practitioner and a Crystal CH’I Consultant for Judith. You can contact me for Reiki and mentoring and I will help you in your own transformation too.

Insta @gabrielatpedlowska
Fb Gabriela Tomkiel-Pedlowska

5 Steps to hosting your Crystal CH’I Party

1. Contact your Consultant

2. Choose the date for your CH’I Event

3. Invite a few friends

4. Provide some simple refreshments

5. Sit back and let your Consultant do the rest