March Crystal Workshop

Just before the full moon each month I will be doing a Crystal Workshop introducing you to the power of crystals and how to integrate them into your life.  This month I will be concentrating on helping you to open your Third Eye Chakra and your intuition and psychic abilities. With the help of your free gift, which will include Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli and a sprig of sage, I will begin to take the mystery out of topics such as:

  • intuitive abilities
  • receiving ‘downloads’
  • channelling
  • telepathy
  • premonitions,
  • astral travel
  • tapping into another person through their inner child or touch, remotely or in person.
  • Direct access to subconscious knowledge, inner sensing, inner insight to unconscious patterns and the ability to understand something instinctively.

Don’t be afraid of opening these powerful gifts within you. Once you begin to see that we all have these innate abilities and there is nothing spooky or shocking about them you will want to develop your gifts even more.
See you on the 25th March, just follow your intuition…



  • Event Date : 25/03/2021 7:30 pm
  • Event End Date : 25/03/2021 9:30 pm
  • Available place : 50
  • Individual Price : 35
  • Created By : Judith McAdam
  • Location : Via Zoom
  • Categories : Events