Journaling & Crystal Workshop – To Manifest Abundance

This months Crystal Workshop  you will be using your crystals to create plenty of Abundance in health, wealth, joy and happiness.

What will you learn..

  • what crystals are key in manifesting Health, Wealth, Joy and Happiness
  • what you want to create in your abundance around your Wheel of Life.
  • learning how to get creative in making your crystal layouts, grids and pujas or sacred spaces.
  • using some Feng Shui techniques to increase the positive momentum in your home or worksplace

I will be doing my Money Room Visualization with you to create new feelings of Abundance replacing any outdated feelings of lack. This visualisation is available on my website check it out!

Your free gift this month is a Tigers Eye Tumble Stone which will not only help you create Abundance but it will ground all that you are creating into this physical reality. There will also be a small Sprig of Sage to cleanse your Crystal with.

Tigers Eye

A brown stone with stripes of gold.  Comes in raw and polished form.

Tiger’s Eye is a unique crystal with a reflective, striped appearance, similar to a tiger.  It is said to be a grounding, protective stone that helps with confidence and courage especially when it comes to taking action.  It is said to sharpen the senses, promotes intuition and be practical, centred and grounded.



  • Event Date : 09/06/2022 7:30 pm
  • Event End Date : 09/06/2022 9:30 pm
  • Available place : 25
  • Individual Price : 35
  • Created By : Judith McAdam
  • Location : Via Zoom
  • Categories : Events