Crystal Workshop – Reducing Anxiety & Stress

This Months Crystal Workshop focuses on using crystals to reduce Anxiety and Stress in your life and bring more balance and harmony. You will need your journals or note books and some  nice pencils.

You will learn:

  • what crystals are good for destressing and releasing anxiety.
  • to program your crystals using the tools of focus and attention and crystal grids to help reduce panic attacks and fear.
  • how to use crystals to create a better sleeping pattern.
  • What crystals bring joy, happiness and play, again creating crystal grids, pujas or sacred space to achieve this.

I will be bring you to the Field of Pure Potential with my Visualization encouraging you to let go and create play, fun and joy in your life.

Your free gift this month is a Labradorite Point and a sprig of sage.


Labradorite is known as the stone of magic. Legend has it that one of the greatest natural shows on earth, the Aurora Borealis, was trapped inside the rocks of Labrador and lay awaiting discovery. It radiates a predominant blue crystal energy that stimulates the Throat Chakra, the voice of the body. The Throat Chakra is, in essence, a pressure valve that allows the energy from the other chakras to be expressed. This is a stone of transformation and a useful companion through change, imparting strength, and perseverance.


 Burning sage, also known as smudging has a long tradition among Native Americans and is a powerful ritual for clearing negative energy. Ancient Egyptians and Romans traditionally used to treat digestive issues, memory problems and sore throats and to promote healing and wisdom.  It is said to bring a sense of calm.  Like Paolo Santo, Sage also has strong antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and has traditionally been used to treat colds and flus and viruses.

Hunters Moon

Hunters Moon is the first full Moon to follow the Harvest Moon, meaning that it can occur in either October or November, this year, the brilliant Harvest Moon will appear in the evening of Monday, September 20.

It is believed that this full Moon came to be called the full Hunter’s Moon because it signaled the time to go hunting in preparation for the cold winter ahead. Animals are beginning to fatten up ahead of winter, and since the farmers had recently cleaned out their fields under the Harvest Moon, hunters could easily see the deer and other animals that had come out to root through the remaining scraps (as well as the foxes and wolves that had come out to prey on them).


  • Event Date : 19/10/2021 7:30 pm
  • Event End Date : 19/10/2021 9:30 pm
  • Available place : 30
  • Individual Price : 35
  • Created By : Judith McAdam
  • Location : Via Zoom
  • Categories : Events