Crystal Workshop – July

This months Crystal Workshop is just in time for the celebratory energy of the Buck Moon. As July is a month to kick back watch all the growth and create feelings of ease this months Crystal Workshop focuses on using crystals to destress and bring more play into your life. You will need your journals or note books and some  nice pencils.

You will learn:

  • what crystals are good for destressing and releasing anxiety.
  • to program your crystals using the tools of focus and attention and crystal grids to help reduce panic attacks and fear.
  • how to use crystals to create a better sleeping pattern.
  • What crystals bring joy, happiness and play, again creating crystal grids, pujas or sacred space to achieve this.

I will be bring you to the Field of Pure Potential with my Visualization encouraging you to let go and create play, fun and joy in your life.

Your free gift this month is a Selenite wand and a sprig of sage.

Buck Moon

July’s full moon is known as the Buck Moon because it occurs around the time when young male deer grow their antlers.


White and sometimes translucent, it is often rough to touch but can be polished into a wand, stone or plate used for charging other crystals.

The white nature of selenite represents spiritual purity, light and connection to Source. It is believed to be one of the most sacred crystals throughout history.  Selenite comes from “Selene” the Greek Goddess of the moon. It is believed to enhance clarity of the mind and concentration, expanding awareness of the self and of surroundings. It is said to be a high vibration crystal  that will move your spiritual growth forward quickly..


Sage is a herb used in cuisines throughout the world.  It has been used for centuries by Native Americans, Egyptians and Romans.  It comes dried in bundles or loose as dried leaves.

Burning sage, also known as “smudging” has a long tradition among Native Americans, in rituals for clearing negative energy. Ancient Egyptians and Romans traditionally used sage to treat digestive issues, memory problems and sore throats and to promote healing and wisdom.  It is said to bring a sense of calm.  Like Paolo Santo, Sage is believed to have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and has traditionally been used to treat colds and flus and viruses.


  • Event Date : 22/07/2021 7:30 pm
  • Event End Date : 22/07/2021 9:30 pm
  • Available place : 50
  • Individual Price : 35
  • Created By : Judith McAdam
  • Location : Via Zoom
  • Categories : Events