Orla Chambers

Orla Chambers

Orla Chambers is an accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist with Clinical Hypnosis Ireland, an NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Life and Business Coach, which she combines with her qualifications and experience as a Personal Fitness Trainer. This combination has resulted in her clients having particularly wonderful success in the areas of Weight Management and Emotional Eating. She holds a B.A. in Languages and is also qualified as an EFT Master Practitioner with the AMT and is also a Reiki Master.

​In 2004 Orla waved goodbye to her career in the corporate world having retrained as a Fitness Instructor (N.C.E.F.) in DCU with Litton Lane. She began her Fitness career as a Personal Trainer with Zest Fitness in Bray, where she gained a wealth of experience. What Orla found most rewarding about working in this arena was not alone the physical changes and health benefits which occurred in clients, but combined with this were the psychological and emotional changes that accompanied them.

​In only a matter of weeks, clients found themselves happier, more motivated, more relaxed, sleeping better to name but a few of the many benefits, and when in 2007 Orla discovered NLP and trained as an NLP Practitioner with the IINLP she felt like she had discovered that vital missing tool in human development. Inspired and excited by this discovery she continued her studies with the IINLP and became an NLP Master Practitioner and subsequently an NLP Life and Business Coach.

​In May 2008 armed with her training, vast experience, and plenty of enthusiasm, Orla decided to branch out on her own and set up her own business entitled Launching You, which she has since rebranded: Orla Chambers – Hypnotherapy & NLP Life Coaching. She practices in both Newcastle, Co. Wicklow and in Ely House in Rathfarnham, Dublin 14.  She also has a Higher Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Clinical Hypnosis Ireland, an exciting and powerful addition, to her bag of tools. Using a combination of her many skills to help her clients make positive and exciting life changes, Orla specializes in the areas of Weight Management/Emotional Eating, Stress, Anxiety and Confidence Building but also covers many other areas.

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