Nuala McManus

Nuala McManus

As a Mental Health Coach and Reiki Master Nuala McManus guides you to become the best version of yourself. No stranger to the ups and downs of life Nuala has come through her own personal challenges and created something completely different in her own life, she now lives with purpose. She consciously creates happiness and contentment, peace and love in her life. Nuala has gained a great sense of empathy and understanding from her own journey and now uses Reiki and her own coaching tools to help you do the same.

Part of Nuala’s purpose is to help women who find it difficult to open up, those who often feel lonely or isolated and experience feelings of depression. Nuala’s message is ‘it doesn’t have to be like this, there is much more for you to explore within yourself’.

Nuala uses the light touch of Reiki and the comforting support of coaching to bring you into deep relaxation allowing you to begin to release the source of spiritual, emotional and/or mental pain and anxiety.

Nuala has been trained and mentored by author, theologian and kinesiologist Judith McAdam and has a Diploma in Mental Health & Wellbeing from Kingstown College. Her studies have led her to combine the energetic healing aspects of Reiki with the mental and emotional guidance of coaching. Nuala provides her clients with a mixture of Spirit medicine layered with practical tools. Nuala is also a CH’I Consultant for Judith.

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