Throughout the years, I believed that migrant identity and the conflicting desires to belong are issues I had to address. In 2013 I founded Enigma Theatre www.enigmatheatre.ie and started promoting creative self-care through art, theatre, storytelling and music as powerful ways to heal. Since I have been mentored by Judith, I have recognized what blocks my personal growth i.e. dysfunctional dynamics, outdated scripts and societal conditioning. I have also learned what feelings my inner child is attached to and what self-limiting beliefs I have imposing upon myself. I am a Reiki Master and completed all Reiki levels with Judith. Thanks to her encouragement and guidance, I have set up my own practice at Dublin Wellness Centre. I now help my own clients release energetic blocks and feel relaxed through Reiki treatments and Guided Meditations. I create a safe and peaceful space in which you can feel nourished and refreshed.

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