Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap

For the past 15 months the world has collectively held its breath. Waiting, watching and anticipating as numbers of Covid 19 cases continued to rise. We, as adults, struggled at times to process the pandemic, so imagine how young children felt and thought about it during critical periods of development as they were deprived of opportunities to engage in normal childhood activities. 

Our brains aren’t fully developed until they are at least 25 and so for over a year they have struggled to make sense of it all. Thankfully with the easing of restrictions increasing on a daily basis, an air of optimism has started to encircle us as we all prepare to step into the new norm.

However, for children leaving 6th class, not only are they learning to navigate this new norm, they also have to negotiate the big leap to secondary school where they go from being the proverbial big fish in a small pond, to small fish in a big sea. Entering the unknown can result in excitement but also anxiety, particularly as there have been no open days for schools this year. 

More than ever, especially over the coming summer months, what they need prior to this transition is not only time and space to embrace childhood and have fun, but peace and calm and a home where they feel safe to just be.

As the adults in their lives, it is our job to be their constant harbour and to create this calm and peaceful environment where they feel heard, valued and loved. A fundamental step in creating this atmosphere is by looking after our own well-being and filling our own cup. This not only sets an example for the importance of such a practice but it also has a ripple effect to the lives of all around us. By us ‘being the calm’ in what may be a chaotic time for them, they know they can count on us which allows them to flourish both emotionally and socially. 

Other tools to help them make this transition include meditation, breath work and having an open discussion. On August 18th, together with Emma Lloyd, we will be delivering the first online transition course entitled ‘Bridging the Gap’ which aims to provide practical tips and tools for children in preparation for making the transition to secondary school. It also provides practical advice for parents on how to support their child. For further details please see or @wellbeing_wishes_irl or @emsguidance on Instagram.